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Benefits for Students
The following are some of the benefits, students can derive out of this service.
  • Create impressive academic or personal websites & gain in depth understanding of the subject

  • Preserve and showcase academic assignments and projects to a wider audience

  • Win academic laurels and recognition

  • Experience the joy of creating your own websites.

  • Equips students with futuristic skills that will be useful for life

  • Share with friends, family, teachers, relatives across the world.

  • Productive utilization of free time.

  • More involvement of parents in building the student´s career.
Students can use this website builder for the following purpose
  • Academic assignments – Students normally do their assignments using chart papers & models only, and they can go one step further & also do it as a website.

  • Projects – to create a website for their project for the whole world to see & appreciate

  • Personal website – to create a website for my hobbies & showcase it to the world.

  • Family – They can create website for friendship day, father's & mother's day, family website, etc

  • Resumes – Students can create their resumes online and can forward the website URLs to the potential employers

  • Any website that interests the students & help them improve their skills
Benefits for Parents
  • Productively engage the students in the computer

  • Parental Monitoring & Control Password helps them to have control what their children publish on the internet

  • Build skills required for their children to face the future Internet world

  • In-built security features makes sure students don't get into trouble!

  • Very Affordable and available in One, Three and Five website packs