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How to Purchase ?
The Student´s website builder from WebsiteForever comes in three packs.
One Website Pack : Rs.275 / Year
Three Websites Pack : Rs.575 / Year
Five Websites Pack : Rs.775 / Year
The above prices are inclusive of all Taxes.
As the name of the packages suggest, a One Website pack allows the student to have only one website and Three Websites pack allows to have Three websites and so on.

All the Packages include the following.
a. Student’s Website Builder to Create Websites
b. A Free Website URL (Example:
c. Hosting
d. Website Editing tool to edit and update the websites
e. Various Widgets (Goodies) that can add value to the Website
How to Purchase/Sign Up?
These Website Packs for students can be purchased through the following options by the Parents or Guardians

1.Go online to and use the Credit or Debit cards to sign up for the service

2.Get the Activation kits for these packages from the respective schools of their Children/Wards. Use the activation code from the kit to go online to and activate the Website Builder account

3.Go online to and use the “Pay by Cheque” option to sign up for the service.

Boarding School students can get in touch with their Boarding school to purchase this Website Builder Pack.
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